Whether you are looking into building a new computer or just like to keep up with the latest in computer hardware, the internet provides a whole options when it comes to computer hardware reviews.  Here, you will see some of the better, more reliable sites on the internet.

A few things must be considered when looking at computer hardware review sites.  First, quality.  Are the reviews useful and balanced?  Second, quantity.  How much of the current hardware does the site review?  Third, method. 

Does the review give evidence like benchmarks and comparisons, or does the reviewer go on their feelings?

Most people’s first instinct would be to just Google the name of a component when they want to see what people think of a it.  This method works fine if you just testing the waters or you already know which sites know what they are talking about and which don’t. However, if you don’t have a component in mind and are just starting out, or are new to the computer hardware review world and don’t know which sites have good reviews; this list should get you started.


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